Nurse mum hilariously organises family medicine cabinet so it's easily understood

health 02/07/2020

An Australian nurse has organised her family's medicine cupboard in a hilarious way that makes it easy for them to understand.

"I’m a nurse so this is as good as it gets here. Works well." she wrote on Facebook.

The mum has clearly labelled each container with the name of the drug and then a simplified version to help everyone understand what it does...

For example, Doxylamine is labelled as 'zzzzzz' to signal sleeping pills while Loperamide is cheekily called 'stop the poo'.

Unsurprisingly, the funny idea has gone viral online...

"Oh my God I needed this, thank you!" one person wrote in response. "The medicine cupboard has always been one I've struggled with, this is perfect."

Someone else chimed in saying "I need to do something like this. I'm a nurse too, and now my toddler can reach my medicine drawer."

"Plus in emergencies it's hard to find things and even though I organise it, my husband just messes it up again."

While a third simply said "This is genius. Made my evening."

Sometimes it the little things that can bring the most joy!