Man shares his little trick for getting delish and crunchy oven roasted potatos

Food 31/07/2020

A man's simple recipe for perfectly crispy roast potatos has gone viral online.

The recipe just includes mustard powder and honey - easy as that!

Here's how you can make the perfectly crispy roast potatos at home...


  • A decent helping of potatos
  • Two teaspoons of English mustard
  • Four teaspoons of squeezy honey
  • Salt and pepper to taste


  1. Combine pepper and mustard, mix.
  2. Add honey - stir through thoroughly.
  3. Add your potatos to a roasting tray and baste them with the mixture.
  4. When there's only 20 minutes left on cooking time, baste them again.
  5. Add more mix every 5 minutes until done

The reponse to the recipe online has been hugely positive...

"They sound amazing - my mouths watering just reading that. Can’t wait to try them." one person wrote.

"Yes please! I want these now!" added another.

Might be a good recipe to try for your next sunday night roast!