Man claims we have been draining pasta wrong our whole lives, shows new way to do it

Food 17/07/2020

TikTok user EnSee claims we've all been straining pasta the wrong way, in a video that's blowing people's minds. 

The home cook kicks things off by showing how most people would typically drain cooked pasta - by transferring it from the pot into a sieve and allowing the water to run off.

"How you've probably been doing it all your life," he narrates the video, with the word "wrong" emblazoned over the screen.

He then pulls an astounding technique out of the bag - placing the sieve on top of the pot, and tilting it so the boiling water pours through the sieve into the sink.

"Tell the truth you didn’t know about this," EnSee captioned the video, which has racked up almost 600,000 views in four days. 

EnsSee says the hack "makes life easier," and "puts less strain on your wrist" - especially when cooking lots of pasta in one go.

But fights and debates over the technique broke out in the comments. 

"I'm so gonna be doing this now, why have I never thought about this before," one woman commented.

"I think you've just changed my life," another added.

Others remained unconvinced, slamming the cook's use of a sieve rather than a colander. 

"Why use a sieve? All the starch gets stuck... you're doing it wrong," one person commented. 

A chef also weighed in, writing, "this isn't how you should be using a sieve".