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Kids break glass castle worth $100,000 while running around museum
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Kids break glass castle worth $100,000 while running around museum

A very expensive mistake indeed...

Oops... this is one expensive mistake!

Two kids have consequently smashed a huge £50,000 glass castle after knocking into a display case while running around a museum.

The piece was the largest glass blown castle in the world and took it's Spanish creator a whopping 500 hours to make.

The castle, which is based on the Cinderella Castle at the Walt Disney World Resort, was on display in Shanghai Museum of Glass. It was given to the museum in 2016 to mark its fifth anniversary.

The 60kg (132lb) castle is part of the museum's permanent collection and has over 30,000 different parts as well as accents in 24 karat gold.

The two children were chasing each other around and climbed over the belt barrier and bumped into it causing it to topple over. 

An expensive mistake indeed...

The museum has not revealed the cost of the broken piece or given an update on when it will go back on display.

It is reported that the parents have taken full ownership and will take responsibility for the cost of any repairs.

We can imagine it will take more than a few years of household chores for these kids to pay back their debt!