Husband takes on wife's 'plant obsession' in hilarious post

Must See 17/07/2020

'Plant husbands' are sharing their pain after a post complaining about a 'plant mum' and her 'obnoxious' children went viral.

A 'plant mum' is someone with an obsession for collecting and caring for plants - sometimes to the expense of her other relationships.

So when Australian dad Brad Kearns took to Facebook to vent about his situation, it drew a massive reaction from people in similar situations.

"I don't think any husband can put up with as much as a plant husband," he wrote. "Those guys deserve a f***ing medal."

 Kearns made his making his point with a photo of him hidden behind a hanging plant.

"Imagine this; you have friends over and there's a delightful conversation happening," he wrote.

"You're distracted by the f***ing obnoxious devil's ivy inside your nostrils so you begin pushing the strands away with your face.

"She look at you like some gang boss and start making death threats with nothing but her eyes. Legit she hear so much as the snap of a single leaf I guarantee she will f***ing stab me.

"So I sit here and drink my beer quietly. I assume it's an engaging conversation. But I wouldn't know."

His post on the Facebook page 'DaDMuM' was met with messages of support from other long-suffering 'plant husbands'.

"Know the feeling mate. I live with a plant lady too!" one wrote.

However a few other plant mums used the opportunity to share more photos of their plant children.

"Hubby is slowly losing his carport... you don't want to see the bathroom," Alicia Elloy wrote.

"I make my husband hold mine for photos to show all my other crazy plant lady friends," Kellie Rawson wrote.

Others, however, admitted he might have a point.

"All plant mum/mums know that their seed spawn need to be out of child, puppy, husband reach. This one is over the god damn dinner table? Lolz!!!" one woman wrote.