Harry Styles is reading bedtime stories to help you sleep

Must See 08/07/2020

If you have a lot on your mind, let singer Harry Styles help you out.

The British singer has teamed up with meditation app Calm to record a series of bedtime stories to help people get to sleep.

As you can imagine, fans are over the moon with the news.

"I'm gonna sleep like a baby from now on!" one fan wrote.

"Harry reading us bedtime stories before sleep? Yes, yes, yes, we would love to hear that!" added another.

"OMG, I'm screaming! I thought this app was supposed to make me calm!" excitedly wrote someone else.

To listen to Harry's dulcet tones you'll need to download the Calm app. The app is free but works on a subscription basis.

You can get a sneak peak of Harry's bedtime stories in the video below...