English couple win battle to name their son controversial name

Must See 24/07/2020

A pair of UK parents have won an ongoing battle to name their newborn son Lucifer after a court registrar told them the boy would "never succeed in life" with that name. 

Derbyshire couple Dan and Mandy Sheldon told The Sun they visited their local register office last week to name their four-month-old.

But they say an unnamed registrar tried to ban them from using the name, telling them "he would never be able to get a job, and that teachers wouldn't want to teach him". 

Lucifer is the name of the devil in early editions of the bible, although in more modern versions he is usually referred to as Satan. 

"I tried to explain that we are not religious people, and Lucifer in Greek means 'light-bringer' and 'morning' but she wouldn't listen," said Sheldon. 

The name Lucifer is banned in Aotearoa, along with names like Christ and Messiah. It also was the subject of controversy back in 2017 when new parents in Germany were stopped calling their son Lucifer by the district courts. 

Sheldon said the court registrar told them the name was banned in New Zealand, and reportedly suggested the pair could name their son something else, "but refer to him as Lucifer at home". 

"We were gobsmacked with her behaviour," he added. 

"Eventually she did it, but it was through gritted teeth.

"Honestly, we just thought it was a nice name... a unique one. We didn't expect to get so much grief about it."

According to The Sun, the Derbyshire County Council issued an apology to the family for causing offence, but added: "it is the job of our registrars to advise in these matters". 

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