Eight smart ways to reuse dryer lint around the house

Eco 08/07/2020

We're all about finding ways to reuse what we've already got, and we were pleasantly surprised when we discovered that the pesky dryer lint we often toss out can be used again around the house! Here are eight clever ways you can reuse dryer lint at home.

1. Soak up spills - those fibrous fluffy materials are perfect to clean off those annoying oil spills!

2. Oil down tools - along with cleaning up oil spills, clumps of dryer lint are a great way to apply oil to your tools. Use linseed oil to keep wooden handles pristine, or metal tools from rusting.

3. Line plant containers - if you have a problem with soil spilling out of the drainage holes, pop a layer of lint to act as a blotter, soaking up that extra water. But don't use this for plants that prefer drier soil, like cacti or succulents.

4. Add to your compost - natural fibres are biodegradable! So if you've got cotton or wool balls from the dryer, pop them into the compost as a source of carbon for them.

5. Use it as mulch - protect the soil in your potted plants with dryer lint, helping to keep that moisture a bit longer.

6. Start a fire - we know that when dryer lint piles up, it can be a fire hazard. But use this to your advantage by collecting them, then using it as tinder or fire starter.

7.  Prevent erosion - stretch out a thick layer of lint and dampen with a bit of water. Then use it to form a barrier to protect your soil from erosion. Alternatively, you can use the lint as an underlayer and cover it with decorative stones.

8. Keep those weeds out - The same way that lint can prevent erosion, a layer of dryer lint can be used as an alternative for weed mat, and decorated on top with mulch or stones.

Source: RD