Dirty Dancing's Jennifer Grey may be working on a sequel of the iconic 80s film

Must See 17/07/2020

One of the most iconic films from the 80s may be following in Top Gun's footsteps and getting a sequel...

Rumours have started swirling for a Dirty Dancing sequel - more than 30 years after the film was released!

The original film starred the late Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey and made us fall head over heels for Johnny Castle, be obsessed with the song 'I've Had The Time Of My Life' and had us regularly quoting "Nobody puts Baby in a corner".

So news of a sequel is music to our ears!

It's been revealed Jennifer Grey is currently working on a new dance film and reports suggest it could be a full blown sequel. Grey is set to star and producer the film and the production company is refusing to say if the film is a sequel or not.

Other than that there are no further details - so we'll have to keep out fingers crossed and wait and see!