Couple surprise grandparents with twin baby they didn't know existed

Must See 31/07/2020

This couple have surprised their kids' Grandparents with some exciting news - they are actually the grandparents of twins!

They kept the existance of their second child secret for months, only to reveal to the grandparents when they met the babies for the first time.

"For many years, I have continuously told family & friends that I wished for twins one day in the future." the dad wrote on Facebook.

He and his wife eventually got pregnant and kept their twin news secret. Since they were due during a COVID-19 lockdown, no one was allowed to visit the mum during labour.

"The exciting twin news wouldn’t be revealed until family/friends witnessed the surprise firsthand during visitation at our house or via video chats. Reactions were priceless to say the least."

He wasn't wrong, the heartwarming video showing the grandparents meeting their twin grandkids for the first time has gone viral, check it out below...