Bunnings shopper turns cheap doormat into clever pot-plant decoration

Must See 03/07/2020

A woman has shared her cheap and clever Bunnings hack which totally transformed the way her pot plants look!

"I designed it to make it my own style for my studio," she wrote. "I like creating decor that is more unique and cheap."

She simply used two door mats and got creative with some DIY.

"I laid two mats flat and used twine to stitch one side together, and decorated them with twine on one and some leftover jute ribbon on the other," she explained in her post.

"Then wrapped the mats around the pot and used the twine to stitch the back together."

The woman said she's been loving all the positive feedback to her idea, of which there was loads...

“That looks incredible,” one person said.

"How innovative. Love them," added another.

Someone else admitted "I’m going to have to try this."

If you're thinking of a way to dress up your plants around the house, this could be it!