Bradley Walsh's net worth revealed after more than a decade hosting The Chase

Must See 01/07/2020

Bradley Walsh has been hosting one of the world's most popular quiz shows 'The Chase' for well over a decade now, so it's no surprise he is one of the top earners on not only our television screens, but also the UK's.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, the TV host lived a rather humble, middle class life in the year 2000. 

But now, his net worth has soared and is now worth well over NZ$12,000,000.

He lives with his family in a gorgeous Essex mansion, and thanks to a string of presenting and acting gigs last year - he reportedly earned around $16,000,000 alone. (His earnings boosted by his production company Wingit Productions.)

The 59-year-old runs Wingit Productions with his wife, Donna, and son Barney was made a director on March 31 of this year.

But, as reported by a Liverpool newsite, Bradley has worked hard for his money.

He is a jet engineer by trade, working at the  Rolls Royce's aircraft engine factory in Watford straight out of school.

He then was scouted to play professional football but due to injury, his career was cut short at 22. 

After getting a behind the scenes job, he was led to the world of television presenting. First hosting the UK's Wheel Of Fourtune in 1997, before getting a regular role on Coronation Street.

He also had roles in Law and Order:UK and Doctor Who.

Now he is the superstar host of The Chase and Beat The Chasers