Bradley Walsh reveals New Zealand is at the top of his bucket list places to visit

Must See 01/07/2020

Bradley Walsh, the beloved host of The Chase and Beat The Chasers, has given some great praise for our wee country on the first episode of Beat The Chasers.

After introducing the very first contestant to the show, he asked her what she would do with her winnings if she managed to beat the Chasers.

She quickly revealed that she would love to take her family to New Zealand.

"I'd love to take them to New Zealand. It's always been a dream. It's such a great place. It's the scenery, the people, it's the whole vibe,"

It was then that Bradley revealed his dreams to come and holiday in our New Zealand.

"I've got the be honest, It's on my bucket list," he said.

"It's a place I've never been to and I'd love to."

Hopefully you can come and visit when our borders eventually open up, Bradley!