Andrew Ridgely vows to never perform a Wham! song ever again

music news 31/07/2020

It's almost been four years since his fellow Wham! star George Michael tragically passed away, and Andrew Ridgely has now spoken out that he doesn't think he will ever sing a Wham! song again.

Ridgely's music back catalogue with George includes some massive hits like Wake Me Up (Before You Go), Club Tropicana and Last Christmas.

Speaking to Mirror UK, Andrew said: "It’s an amazing privilege to perform for an audience paying to hear the music that you’ve recorded."

"I am not sure that ever really leaves one completely. But it’s not for now."

"And certainly not Wham! - I don’t think I could do Wham! stuff on my own. I just wouldn't want to. It just wouldn't be the same." he continued.

"There are people much better placed to make music than me. It’s always been a young person’s game."