Adele impersonator gets gastric band to copy Adele's weightloss, divides opinion

music news 16/07/2020

Adele impersonator, Maria Herriot has left a few people scratching their heads after she announced she is getting gastric band surgery to mimic the dramatic weightloss Adele has recently revealed.

It's said Adele has lost around four stone (25kgs), and Maria has said that she has to keep up so that she remains in a job.

She also said she was doing it for health reasons as she was at risk of issues due to being overweight.

She appeared on the UK's Good Morning, where her interview caused controversy, with many viewers blasting Maria for such drastic measures, and others claiming she looks and sounds nothing like Adele.

Maria said it was a "real shocker" when Adele lost the weight, and Eamonn told Maria she looked great the way she was.

"It was already in the pipeline, I've just pushed it forward by doing it privately," she said, adding that it was for both her career and her health.

Maria then sang a brief rendition of Make You Feel My Love, which wowed Ruth and Eamonn, but plenty of viewers were less than impressed.

One viewer tweeted: "Why don’t that Adele singer just lose weight like most people. Not worth risking ya life really. Think her friends and family need to have a word #ThisMorning".