5 easy and instant ways to boost your energy

health 15/07/2020

It's the middle of winter, and with less sun and pleasent weather, we can be left feeling a little.... meh.

But instead of reaching for your fourth, fifth or sixth cup of coffee for the day, why not try on of these instant ways to boost your mood and energy?

Stock up on citrus

Just as lavender scents will put you to sleep, citrus aromas (like lemons, tangerines and grapefruits) can help you feel more alert.

Grab some gum

Feeling sluggish? Try grabbing some gum!

A study found that people are considerably more awake after chewing mint gum.

Watch your favourite cat video

One Indiana University researcher surveyed almost 7,000 people and found that participants were more positive and energetic after watching cat videos online - and many of them viewed the videos at work or while they were studying. After watching cat-related clips, the subjects also had fewer feelings of negativity, anxiety, annoyance and sadness.  

Take a few deep breaths

If you find yourself feeling meh and not focusing, sit up straight and take a few deep breaths. This will also help if you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed.

Clean up your diet and drink some water

You've probably heard this one a lot in your lifetime, but it is so true! Eat a good balanced diet, get your 5+ a day and drink lots of water. The benefits are so good for your health and will keep you feeling energetic!