Woman shares handy trick for getting soft fluffy towels from washing machine

Must See 09/06/2020

There's nothing worse than getting out of a warm shower on a chilly winter's morning, ready to wrap a fluffy towel around yourself... only to realise its gone scratchy and stiff over time. 

A good fluffy towel is one of life's great joys, but it's one that many people feel can't be achieved without litres of fabric softener, a strong tumble dryer or even regularly buying a new one.

But one woman has used TikTok to reveal a hack for keeping those towels as soft as ones straight out of a day spa - and it uses a household ingredient you probably already have in your pantry. 

Australian woman Mila shares household tips and tricks on her account 'Mama Mila'. Previously, she revealed an easy way to clean the microwave with no scrubbing required. 

For her towel washing hack, Mila recommends setting the washing machine between 40-60C.

"Add liquid detergent and use ½ cup of white vinegar instead of fabric softener," she explains. 

"The vinegar breaks down the residue from detergent, leaving towels soft and fresh." 

Contrary to popular opinion, she then recommends air drying the towels naturally until they are almost moisture-free.

They should only go in the tumble dryer at the very end, helping with softness and absorbency.

"Level up your self-care routine with spa-worthy towels," she finishes the video. 

The video has racked up 12,000 views, with commenters saying they couldn't wait to try the trick in their own homes.