Woman reveals her simple two-ingredient method for de-fogging headlights instantly

Must See 09/06/2020

An Australian woman has shared her trick for defogging headlights - and it's a method that has been labelled 'genius'!

The 'hack' uses two common household ingredients - toothpaste and baking powder. And the results? Like brand new!

“I fixed the headlights on my car using a mix of toothpaste and baking powder and good old-fashioned elbow grease! It worked really well and the headlights came up a treat,” said Leonie.

Sharing her technique, Leonie said she simply made a paste with the two ingredients and then used paper towel to spread the mixture onto the headlights.

She then used her fingers to rub it into the headlights a little more.

Other Facebook users were blown away by Leonie’s before and after photos.

‘Wow I need to do this on my Mini, one is really bad, I might give this a go tomorrow,” said one.