Woman finds genius note hidden behind wallpaper when renovating her home

Must See 15/06/2020

How is this for a find! 

A woman was busy renovating her home, when she discovered a 'genius' hidden note while stripping the wallpaper from one of the rooms.

Taking to the Bunnings Facebook group, the woman uploaded a screenshot of the note, which was written 22 years ago by the previous owner, called Jon. 

"If you ever need to wallpaper this room again, it will take 8 rolls of wallpaper," the note said. 

"I bought just six rolls at $17 per roll on [December 5 1997] and didn’t have enough. It really pissed me off."

It was signed off by Jon on the 21st of December 1997. 

The woman, who had just ripped off the wallpaper in the midst of transforming the space, captioned the snap: "Only a DIY mum would be this helpful".

People flocked to the comment section calling the former owner an ‘angel’ and a ‘genius’ for leaving such a generous note for the next person who would be papering the walls. 

And we agree! The note also made a good indicator as to how the price of wallpaper sits these days in 2020 compared to 23 years ago.