UK woman hatches three little ducklings from carton of supermarket eggs

Must See 16/06/2020

Welcome to the world Beep, Peep and Meep!

The three fluffy little ducklings were hatched by their new mum Charli after she decided to try out a little at home experiment after being laid off from her job.

The woman, who is based in the UK, had the supermarket bought duck eggs and had them sitting in the pantry (or fridge!) until she read a story on Facebook about someone successfully hatching supermarket bought quail eggs.

Charli already had an incubator at home, and was a mum to a bunch of different fluffy and feathery pets.

She popped three duck eggs into the incubator, as well as a couple of quail eggs, and left them for a couple of days just to see what would happen.

When she came back to check them, the quail eggs had had no change but the three duck eggs started forming veins, and she could faintly see an embryo.

She admitted to the BBC that she didn't think her experiment would be successful saying, "They have been collected, bashed around on a delivery truck, then rattled around on a trolley onto a shelf, picked up and put down by who knows how many people,"

"Part of me thought it would never work, none of the quail eggs developed but after 6 days in the incubator I checked the duck eggs and could see veins and a very tiny wiggly embryo. Then the excitement kicked in," she said to CNN.

The three wee ducklings now have their own Instagram page where people can watch them grow.

How cool!