Treasure chest finally found in Rocky Mountains 10 years after treasure hunt started

Must See 09/06/2020

The relief that must have been felt after this real-life treasure hunt was completed must have been astronomical!

10 years ago, a US art and antique collecter revealed that he had hidden a bronze chest containing over NZD$3,000,000 worth of goods somewhere in the Rocky Mountains.

He urged people to go hunt for it - and hundreds of thousands of people did.

According to reports, 5 people died while carrying out the quest.

Finally, it was announced today that the treasure chest has been found.

"The search is over," Forest Fenn, 89, who hid the treasure wrote on his website. "The treasure has been found."

The lucky finder of the treasure trove wanted to remain anonymous, Fenn said. He was one of an estimated 350,000 people who, over the last decade, risked their lives in search of the buried bounty.

It is said that the chest contained rare artefacts, precious jewels, gold, rubies, diamonds and other impressive, expensive items.