Those born in September are likely to be more successful than others

Must See 09/06/2020

September babies - you are far more likely to bathe in the pool of success compared to those born in other months.

And while those born in September seem to be more successful, according to  Ocean Finance, there is one day of the year which they believe is the 'best' to be born on - and it will see you be even more successful than others.

That date is September 6.

Their researchers surveyed 650 of the most successful people in the UK to learn more about what factors they have in common.

The study found that most of the UK's top achievers were born in September. And the common date was the 6th.

Those born in February and November are considered to succeed the least, with just six per cent of the most successful people have birthdays in these months.

Then those with birthdays in December, July and April are at seven per cent, followed by August, June and January birthdays at eight percent, October at nine per cent, May at 10 per cent and March at 11 per cent.