This strange hack to 'stop meat shrinking' sparks heated debate

Food 10/06/2020

This Twitter user has sparked a heated debate online after getting sick of their 'meat shrinking' when it cooks.

The person uploaded a photo of meat cooking in a fry pan with four clips stretching it out to try and avoid 'shrinkage'.

The strange technique caused a barrage of comments with some even calling it 'food abuse'.

"I don't like how this makes me feel" one person wrote in response.

"What's on the menu? Fried meat with a dash of melted peg." joked another.

"Mmm... Too much work. Then you gotta unclip it then flip it THEN clip it back." someone else pointed out.

But not everyone thought the idea wasn't worth the hassle. "I was gone say this is stupid but this is actually smart."

Is this strange hack something you can see yourself trying out?