The brand new spin-off show of The Chase is on TV from this weekend

Must See 24/06/2020

Get excited if you're a fan of The Chase!

The Chase's new spin-off show is coming to our TV screens this Sunday night.

The show named 'Beat the Chasers', is tipped to be the "quizzing equivalent of the Olympics" and features our favourite Chasers as well as the one and only Bradley Walsh.

In Beat The Chasers, contestants are trying to beat all five chasers in order to win big cash prizes.

In the Cash Builder round, the contestant is given up to five multiple-choice questions, with each correct answer worth £1,000. The round ends when the contestant misses a question or answers all five correctly. If the contestant gets the first question wrong, he/she goes home empty-handed.

Then, the contestant is shown two Chasers that he/she has to face to win the amount built. They make an offer for the time on their clock in the next round. A third Chaser is shown, who makes a bigger offer but with increased time on the Chaser's clock. The same goes for the fourth and fifth Chasers. The contestant gets 60 seconds on his/her clock.

The next round sees the contestant and the Chasers alternating back and forth answering questions. The Chasers use their buzzers when answering questions. Once one side gives a correct answer, their clock stops and the opponent's side begins to count down. If the contestant's clock ticks to zero, he/she loses and goes empty-handed. If the Chasers' clock ticks to zero, the contestant wins the offer chosen.

Watch a snippet of the show above!