Survey reveals huge percentage of people eat food past their expiry dates

Food 01/07/2020

According to a UK survey, half of us are happy to chomp into a snack that's past it's best before date. 

The full results were published on Food Safety News, but in conclusion the survey found that consumption of food past its use by date is higher among people concerned about food affordability. 

Fifty percent of respondents reported eating cooked meats that have gone past their use by dates at least once, and a total of 35 percent said they ate soft (mold ripened) cheeses past their date.

Almost a third reported eating smoked fish past its use by date at least once, more than half ate bagged salad past its date.

A total of 41 percent reported drinking pasteurized milk past its use by date at least once.

The reason those five different foods were the foods surveyed was because the FSA microbiologists identified those foods as posing a risk to food safety if eaten past their use-by dates.