Stray cat with tin can stuck on his head falls in love with the human who saves him

Must See 12/06/2020

A stray cat who was spotted to have a tin can on his head was very hesitant for human contact at first.

But when the Takis Shelter in Greece freed the poor cat's head from the tin, the cat didn't wish to leave the comfort of the car when given the chance.

The video, which has has been viewed more than 8 million times, documents the five-day progress for the lost cat to become a very affectionate cat to the man who saved him.

Many of those who have viewed the video praised the man's patience and caring nature, while others joked that the cat was clearly bluffing when he acted as if he wanted to leave the car in the first place.

Takis Shelter, based in Crete, Greece, has gone viral a number of times rescuing all sorts of animals.

Takis, who was a former dentist, has been credited for saving more than 200 dogs in his area back in 2015.