Savvy DIY'ers are creating amazing and cheap framed art using wallpaper samples

Must See 25/06/2020

If you love styling your house on a budget, then look no further than these gorgeous ideas for your home!

woman has shared her clever idea to create amazing and cheap wall art. She shared the hack on Facebook where it quickly went viral...

"Wall paper samples make great pictures!" the woman wrote.

She went on to say that she simply finds wallpaper samples that she loves and then gets cheap frames to fit! The idea has proved hugely popular...

"I've done this too. I ordered some other samples online but they came folded up so had creases down." one person wrote.

Some else praised the idea, saying the finished producted 'looked fabulous!'

Others said they were dead keen on the idea, writing that they plan to give it a crack themselves.

This could be worth looking into if you're wanting to give your place a lift on a budget!