Savvy DIY'er shows how you can use an avocado 'seed' to naturally dye your clothes

Must See 30/06/2020

Transform your clothes into a gorgeous blush pink by simply using the pit of an avocado!

If you've found you have a little spare time on your hands, and a spare avocado, this DIY fabric dye hack could be the perfect solution to your dull clothing problems.

A woman has posted insturctions on her Tik Tok. She used three avocado pits, and mentioned that the number of pits you use may alter how dark the dye is.

First things first, rinse the stone under the tap to get rid of any remaining avocado flesh and place it into a saucepan of water, making sure to put a lid on too.

Then bring the pits to a boil until the water turns a dark ruby colour.

Turn off the heat and let it steep overnight.

Wearing gloves, place the item of clothing you want to dye into the saucepan, mixing them round to make sure every part of the item is fully saturated.

Leave them to sit for eight hours before rinsing with water and putting them into the washing machine for a quick cycle.

When you take them out they'll be a pretty blush colour - voila.

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