Ronan Keating awkwardly mistaken for another singer by fan wanting autograph

music news 11/06/2020

Ronan Keating has revealed a very awkward moment that has happened to him in the past!

The singer revealed that he once stepped off a plane, only to be greeted by an eager fan wanting to get an autograph.

The only problem was, the fan had mistaken him for another singer - Beck.

Of course, Ronan being the super great guy he is, played along. But that doesn't mean it wasn't awkward for him!

"I got off a plane in LA. I was going through a cowboy hat wearing phase in the 90s, and I had a pair of yellow tinted glasses on." Ronan said on a UK breakfast radio show.

"Someone said, “Hey Mr. Beck can I have your autograph?” I signed it Beck. Why not?"