Prince Charles makes sweet pledge to his four grandchildren

royals 04/06/2020

Prince Charles has a message to the world amid the Coronavirus pandemic and the message is "Think big, act now".

Speaking at a round table event event hosted by HRH’s Sustainable Markets Initiative and The World Economic Forum about the balance between nature and humanity, Prince Charles shared a pledge to his grandies.

"Everything I have tried to do, and urge, over the past 50 years has been done with our children and grandchildren in mind," he said.

"So, I can only encourage us all to think big and act now."

Charles has been actively involved in environmental issues for over 50 years, since he first made his speech regarding the topic back in 1968.

The heir then went on to say, "I can only hope that as this current crisis passes we are able to reflect on, and shape, the type of world we want for ourselves and for future generations."

Prince Charles is a doting granddad to his four grandchildren, shown just a few weeks ago when he shared a photo of himself giving a big bear hug to Prince Louis.