People are putting doll's arms on their chickens and the results are hilarious

Must See 19/06/2020

Chicken owners seem to always be thinking of new ways to entertain themselves and their chickens.

'Chick-Nic Tables' started appearing in coops around the country, and now the new chicken trend is putting human-like arms on your chooks.

The results are hilarious, and understandably these arms have gone viral.

While many fans of the chicken arms have scoured the internet to find some similar for purchase, it seems these arms that have taken over the internet were handmade and sent to Sparkles the chicken for here enjoyment.

Hopefully the man who created them starts up a business soon - we're sure he will make a few bucks!

Or, if you want to make it yourself, it appears that tearing the arms off of a decent sized doll and adding No.8 wire to link the arms will do the trick.

See more photos below.