Penny Lancaster reveals she hit menopause during lockdown & thought it was Covid

Must See 08/06/2020

Sir Rod Stewart's wife Penny Lancaster has shared how she has just begun to experience menopause, and admitted that some of the symptoms she has had made her think she may have had Covid-19.

“Millions of women go through it, it’s nothing special but, God, it’s tough. I woke up sweating. Horrific. I actually thought, is this Covid?” she admitted.

“I had all the menopause symptoms – burning up, feeling wiped out, mood swings that are off the scale."

“I’ve wanted to scream. You don’t know if it’s just these times we are in. But eventually I had some tests. Yes, I’m in the menopause.”

Ahh.. the joys of being a lady!

But on the brightside, Penny's revelation follows her announcement that she is to be joining the London Police, with her final assessments happening once the UK's lockdown is over.