Olivia Newton-John shares secret about her role as Sandy in Grease

Must See 11/06/2020

Olivia Newton-John has shared a rather special fact about the hit film Grease, just a few days before it's 42nd birthday.

The movie, which was released in 1978, quickly became a cult classic thanks to it's fun and addictive songs, and the big personalities throughout the film.

But it turns out that when Olivia Newton-John was approached to play the lead opposite John Travolta in “Grease,” she wasn’t sure it was the right move for her career. 

Hard to believe, right?

But after Olivia was urged to give it a chance, she met with John Travolta. The pair had undeniable chemistry and thus it was game on!

Speaking of the matter to Entertainment Tonight, Olivia said: “I was really quite hesitant to be in Grease, so they sent John Travolta to talk me into it. And how can you say no to those blue eyes?” she said.