Nadia Lim shares huge amount of money Kiwis raised for NZ Charities from buying her book

Must See 16/06/2020

Kiwi chef Nadia Lim has taken to her social media to reveal the impressive amount of money Kiwis raised for Youthline and Women's Refuge just by purchasing Nadia's latest cookbook.

The total came to $405,000 - an amount that Nadia and her mum looked absolutely over the moon about.

Captioning a selfie while holding a piece of paper with the final total raised on it, Nadia said:

"WOWZERS!!!! Guys, I’m so proud of us (as you can see, so is my mum). Together, we have raised OVER $400,000 for Women's Refuge New Zealand and Youthline with the profits from the Nadia’s Comfort Kitchen cookbook. This is going to help them immensely, especially in these times. The money is being transferred to them tomorrow....and....your books are also being bound and sent out! (The printers have been going at it all weekend). Well done again ‘cooking bubble’, it’s pretty awesome what we can do when we rally together"

She also extended a big thanks to her hubby for his work behind the scenes.

Great work Nadia, and great work to all the fabulous Kiwis who purchased the cookbook and supported two great causes.