Nadia Lim's new cookbook to donate all profit to Women's Refuge and Youthline

Food 11/06/2020

Kiwi foodie Nadia Lim has released her brand new Comfort Kitchen Cookbook, and has announced that she will be donating 100% of profits to Youthline and Women's Refuge. Nadia chose these two charities as they are struggling to cope with the increase in demand due to Covid-19. 

Off the back of filming her lockdown TV series, Nadia had an overwhelming response from Kiwis wanting her recipes but didn't want to ask people for money in such hard times. Aware of the increase in fundraising campaigns targeting Kiwi households during this time, Nadia knew if she came up with the right idea it would be a win-win for charities and donors - so the Comfort Kitchen Cookbook was released this week. 

She has been completely blown away by the response from Kiwis and in just 48 hours has raised $205,000 for Youthline and Women's Refuge.

Nadia's goal is to reach a total of $350,000 by tomorrow. 

The cook book is pretty special in the fact that you can only get the cook book if you purchase it on preorder. And after midnight Friday 12, it is officially unavailable for purchase.