Man's "unexpected" onion hack has left many people impressed

Food 22/06/2020

Onions are absolute staple ingredient in the kitchen.

The vegetable is so versatile and adds tonnes of flavour to allsorts of meals. But, peeling an onion can be a little time consuming. Especially when you're in a rush!

One man has taken to social media platform Instagram to share his simple but effective method to peeling onions. 

Warning - it's probably not what you expect!

"Apparently people enjoy how I can peel an onion." he captioned the video.

He begins by cutting off the remains of the stalk and chopping it in half so it splits where the stalk would have been.

Placing it flat on a chopping board, he says "Want to know the best way to peel an onion?" before making a fist and slamming it down, splitting the onion and leaving the skin to slide off with no hassle.

The clip was shared on TikTok with the caption: "This changed my life!" as it racked up more than 185,000 views.

Others loved the simple hack and were left wondering why they had gone their whole lives without working it out themsevles.

One said: "I like your style."

A second replied: "Brilliant and unexpected."