Kiwi woman shares clever '$20 Kmart Challenge' she does to entertain her kids

Must See 19/06/2020

A Kiwi mum has shared the clever '$20 Kmart Challenge' she created to entertain her kids and their friends.

The woman shared her creative game on the 'Kmart Home Decor & Hacks Australia' Facebook group where it quickly went viral.

She created the game as part of her daughter's birthday party - but frankly, we can see a lot of adults doing this!

Each player is given $20 to spend in store, but the catch is that they must purchase things from various categories...

The rules outline that they each must buy something to eat and share, something to wear, a beauty product, an item for school, something glittery or shiny.

The response online was hugely positive...

"I did a similar thing with my daughter & her friend today." one mum wrote. "They had $25 each & a list I made for them. They had a blast & both came in just under budget. I’ll definitely have to do the Birthday idea."

Next time you've got a kids birthday party (or maybe even an adults one) - this could be worth trying!