Judi Dench makes heartbreaking call that theatres may never open again in her lifetime

Must See 26/06/2020

Dame Judi Dench has made a heartbreaking and sobering revealation in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Judi revealed that the UK's theatre's may never reopen in her lifetime and how she is sad because she "can't imagine Britian without it's art heritage'.

The 85-year-old actress made the statement after many entertainment venues face permanent closure after lockdown. 

Boris Johnson has said theatres can reopen from July 4, but not for live performances, with social distancing cut from two metres to 'one metre-plus'. 

But in a letter to The Times yesterday, Britain's 85 leading performing arts organisations including the National Theatre said the Government needs to provide 'immediate and substantial' financial support to give theatres any hope of survival. 

She said: "I do think that (the theatres face permanent closure) because if the theatres now close, become dark, I don't know when we're going to get them back."

"You can't run a theatre, for instance, with people sitting six seats apart. You can't run a theatre if it's a quarter full, no. "

"It doesn't just affect the public, it affects all of us - not just actors, but the crew and the people who make wigs, the people who dress us, the stage doormen, the lighting - every single person, the people in the box office - everyone's affected by it, and none of us have any security or knowledge to know when it will come back."

"When you hear that the (Old) Vic is in trouble, and you hear the Nuffield in Southampton is in trouble, and Leicester and Nottingham and Southport - this is what we rely on, and it's a desperate feeling. "

Will they ever reopen again? I don't know, certainly not in my lifetime.