Former royal chef reveals the meals he cooked daily for The Queen's Corgis

royals 17/06/2020

Ever wonder what HRH Queen Elizabeth's royal Corgis were fed each day? It's not your typical dog roll from the supermarket - that's for sure!

Former royal chef, Darren McGrady, has revealed just what was on the menu for the monarch's Corgs. He also shared fun stories of traveling with The Queen and her Corgs, as well as some tips and tricks to cooking up pet food suitable for her four-legged friends!

Chicken, beef, rabbit and liver were on the menu rotation, and often Darren said he would mix in rice and cabbage to help with the dog's health.

He revealed that while he cooked the meals for the Corgis, it was always the Queen who fed them. She was a hands on dog mum!