Facebook post over how to properly fold towels sparks heated debate

Must See 23/06/2020

An Australian mum has caused a rather heated debate online after she posted two different ways to fold towels in the Facebook group Home Decorating Mums.

She captioned the post 'How do you fold your towels?', and while it was a rather mundane question to asked - it brought in a lot of responses!

The first image showed "Option A" requires you to fold the towel in half and half again so it forms a flat rectangle.

"Option B" on the other hand involves folding the towel in half before folding one end into the centre of the towel and repeat with the remaining portion - this creates a much thicker, spa-like "rolled" finish.

While the comments overwhelmingly revealed that "Option B" was the most common way to fold towels, there were still a large chunk of respondants who folded their towels like "Option A".

What way do you fold your towels? Do you even fold them at all?