Bunnings shopper shares clever hack that saves them thousands of dollars a year

Must See 26/06/2020

Keeping a clean and tidy house is always nice - but there is no doubt that cleaning products can get expensive.

That's why people online are loving this person's clever hack that has saved them hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars throughout the year.

The hack is simple - instead of buying refills of multi-purpose cleaner, opt for the 5 litre concentrate bottles from Bunnings (or somewhere similar). Since you dilute the concentrate with water, you use much less - meaning you buy less!

"Go to Bunnings for cleaning supplies. That $30 bottle make up 300 L of Spray and Wipe. The equivalent volume from *the supermarket* would cost you $2,700"

The response online was hugely positive...

"It makes the prices in the supermarkets look pretty poor doesn't it?" one person wrote.

"Can confirm, have had the exact bottle for 4 years!" raved another.

Someone else praised "this is genuinely one of the best life hacks I've ever seen."

There is a huge range of similar products on the Bunnings website, some retailing from around $30.