Bradley Walsh opens up about his health condition & how much of nuisance it can be

Must See 03/06/2020

A little known fact about The Chase's Bradley Walsh is that he suffers from a rather frustrating health condition that can be a real nuisance if not treated daily.

Bradley explained the eye condition, called blepharitis, in detail with Express UK.

He explained that he is required to take regular medication for it, and if he misses just one day he can suffer aggressive flare ups.

“So many times, people have commented on [how I look],” Walsh revealed on ITV's Loose Women, back in 2017.

“I have to take [one pill] a day for it or I really struggle... People don’t realise I have seriously bad blepharitis," he said.

Blepharitis causes the eyelids to become swollen and itchy, although it's not usually a major problem.

Some patients report a build-up of flakes around their eyelashes, or a gritty feeling in the eyes.

In some of the worst cases, you may wake up with your eyelids stuck together.

According to Express, "Blepharitis causes red, swollen and itchy eyelids,"

"It can normally be treated by washing your eyelids every day."

"The condition is not usually serious, but can lead to other problems, such as dry eyes, cysts and conjunctivitis, especially if it's not treated."

"Blepharitis can be caused by a type of bacteria that lives on the skin, or a skin condition, such as atopic dermatitis."