Bradley Walsh gets emotional as he celebrates his 60th birthday with a surprise on live TV

Must See 04/06/2020

A big happy birthday to Bradley Walsh!

One of our favourite TV presenters has hit six decades of life, and his friends on UK's breakfast show This Morning decided to throw him a physically distanced surprise party that certainly caught him off guard.

"I'm ok but the way it sort of come about, yesterday seemed like my 50th birthday." he said after answering the call and being asked about how he felt about ageing up.

"I feel quite humbled and emotional really, being on telly, I didn't realise that was going to happen."

This Morning will be celebrating everything Bradley Walsh with an hour long special all about him - seeing how his career in the limelight spanned for four decades.

Further along in the clip, Bradley shares some advice about his longevity in the entertainment industry: "Well I'm very lucky. A massive piece of advice I was given early on in my career was whatever you do, the easiest part of showbiz is giving up, so don't."