A Kenny Loggins live stream concert is coming this Monday

music news 25/06/2020

Save the date! If you're a Kenny Loggins fan, or wanting to help him raise funds to save the live music industry, you can now attend his live stream concert this Monday, 29th June at 2 pm New Zealand time.

The tickets are priced at $15 USD and aim to raise funds for the Lobero Theatre among other venues across the US. You can buy the tickets here.

Loggins shared a video of himself revealing the concert at the iconic Californian venue, Lobero Theatre.

"For almost 150 years, the best musicians in the world have played this stage," Loggins said in the video. "But that all changed a few months ago, and until we beat this pandemic and get the audience back safely, this theatre -- and others like it -- are facing a very uncertain future."

Those who have purchased tickets will also be able to watch the set at their convenience up till 1st of July. Watch his video below.

All proceeds will help the Lobero and National Independent Venue Association, the same organisation behind #SaveOurStages movement that has sprung up amidst the difficult times during this pandemic. They estimates that 90% of independent venues will struggle and may be forced to shut down permanently.

Loggins at the Lobero Theatre