80 year old grandad becomes Youtube cooking star after losing job due to Covid

Must See 11/06/2020

With the help of his daughter, 79-year-old Carlos quickly went from grocery store bagger to YouTube star in a matter of weeks.

Carlos had been working at his local supermarket for over 7 years when he was made redundant, mostly due to his age and being a high-risk for having fatal effects from Covid-19.

As a man who likes to keep busy, Carlos decided to start up a Youtube channel to share his recipes and cooking adventures.

He has captivated viewers with his charm and delicious recipes, and seen a huge growth of over 20K subscribers in just a week.

Some top recipes are chilaca chiles stuffed with shrimp and chorizo, dried meat with piloncillo, and grilled cheese with bacon and chorizo. All of his videos are in Spanish, but with the help of subtitles, everyone can easily enjoy his lessons.

Carlos, who has three children and six grandchildren, has even created his own branded line of ingredients including cheese, chorizo, and dried meats which he uses in each recipe.