'British' inspired Tim Tam flavours are 'terrifying' lovers of the chocolate biscuits

Food 19/06/2020

Arnott's Tim Tams have plenty of different flavours - but now chocolate lovers are 'terrified' about these new flavours inspired by iconic British cuisine.

In a post on their Instagram account, they revealed 4 new potential flavours - one of which would make it to production. Bangers & Mash, Scotch Egg, Fish & Chips and Scones & Cream are the flavours on option.

"G’DAY BRITAIN… We heard you might want more Tim Tam biscuits over your way! We can’t blame you… they’re irresistible!" the Instagram post read.

"But maybe you would love a few flavours more inspired by your British cuisine?"

If the response from their followers was anything to go by, people weren't thrilled with the prospect...

"I’m terrified." one person wrote.

"Umm I think is going to taste not good." added another.

"NO," someone else blasted. "WE TRUSTED YOU."

We'll have to see which flavour comes out on top, but we're not so sure people will be lining up for this one!