Woman slammed for making her husband a packed lunch each day

Must See 28/05/2020

An Australian woman has faced an unexpected backlash after proudly posting a photo of the large lunch she packs each day for her tradie husband. 

In Facebook group 'Budget-Friendly Meals Australia' which has over 80,000 members, the woman posted a photo with the caption 'The Tradie's Lunch'.

The impressive spread included sandwiches, a smorgasbord of cheese, crackers and sausage, three pieces of fruit and a muesli bar. There was also a Gatorade and a large water bottle, to keep her husband going throughout a long workday. 

The woman said she packs the lunch as it's "cheaper, fresher and healthier" than a takeaway option. 

But page administrators were forced to step in as the women received a nasty backlash from commenters accusing her of treating her husband "like a child". 

"Do we have to feed them during the day now too?" wrote one woman in a now-deleted comment. 

Another woman asked why the husband couldn't "pack his own lunch". 

Admins cancelled the ability to comment on the post, telling members it was not the place to air personal grievances. 

"No more comments about whether you agree or disagree with packing your significant other's lunch for them," wrote an admin. 

"Each to their own, nobody is forcing you to pack [this woman's] husband's lunch. Move on if you don't agree with it."

Other members of the group rallied behind the woman, posting their own supportive messages.

"I make my partner's lunch every day but it's pretty ordinary. Ham and cheese sandwich, a protein bar and a handful of chicken crimpies," wrote one woman. 

Another woman posted saying she also makes lunches for her partner and his boss every day.