Woman shows simple method to cleaning her shower walls which people are loving

Must See 13/05/2020

Scouring the shower is never an easy or fun task, especially if you have a heavy amount of build-up from steam and shampoo splattering the glass. If, like me, you've been putting off cleaning your shower over lockdown, don't stress - one Australian mum has come up with a nifty trick to make it a five-minute job. 

Posting in Facebook group 'Mums who Clean', the woman showed that for an even more thorough and easy clean, you can cut a small hole in a Magic Sponge which is stocked at places like Bunnings, Mitre 10 and Kmart. 

Then you simply pop a dishwasher tablet inside the hole and use it to wipe down the shower walls. 

The tablet scours away the grime, while the sponge cleans as it goes. The woman says she just rinses down the glass afterwards and the job is done. 

"It worked brilliantly for the shower glass! I did only have the dissolvable tablets and [it] still works."

Fellow cleaning fans were quick to praise the move, with some saying they had tried it successfully in their own homes. 

"It worked brilliantly for the shower glass!" one person wrote. 

"Now this is a game-changer. Works well on oven doors too!" shared another. 

"My shower's never looked better, whoever thought of this is a genius," praised another. 

One tip: If you're going to give this hack a go in your bathroom, pop on some rubber gloves first as dishwasher tablets can be abrasive on the skin.