Woman shows simple method to cleaning her garbage disposal which people are loving

Must See 21/05/2020

Cleaning the garbage disposal in your sink isn't the easiest task, and it seems there is no proper way to do it.

But one woman on Tik Tok has shown the world her way of cleaning out her garbage disposal and it's captivated millions on the app.

To clean it, the mother of two simply used ice cubes and a bit of hot water. The results are immediately visible.

She instructs those watching to 'shove a bunch of ice down into your garbage disposal,' demonstrating as she pushes ice into the hole and leaves more around the outside of the drain.

She lets the garbage disposal run for a bit, filming as it grinds the ice.

'Then, while it's running, you turn on the hot water,' she says, turning on her tap so that water runs over the ice in the disposal.

The hot water runs for a few seconds before dark, dirty water begins to rise up from the disposal, swirling in a disgusting puddle.

The video has been viewed over 5 million times and has racked up over 1.5 million likes on the app.

According to several plumbing websites, it's the ice — not the hot water — that's doing the cleaning.

The ice is hard enough to sharpen the blades and scrubs them clean, getting into tough areas inside the disposal.

The trick seems to work just as well without running hot water over it: Once the ice melts, it will take the dirt with it.