Woman shares recipe for 'amazing' three-ingredient Nutella pastries

Food 20/05/2020

If you're not quite done with the lockdown comfort eating yet, this recipe is for you.

One home cook has shared her method for creating a simple and delicious Nutella-based snack which only requires three ingredients - perfect for an after-school sweet treat. 

Posting on her TikTok channel 'TikTok Chan', the UK woman shows that to make the pastries, you only need eggs, puff pastry and Nutella. 

She starts by cutting her pastry into thick slices, before dolloping spoonfuls of Nutella onto the end of each one. 

The woman then folds the pastry over the Nutella, before using a fork to make small indentations around the sides of each square. 

Finally, she brushes a little beaten egg on top, before placing them in the oven to cook.